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My partner holding our 2 big fish from Tuesdays tournament.
Both were caught on your  5" stick bait.
Big bass for Connecticut !
Guess that's why we're ordering "pro-packs"
 Dave R.
Dart N Minnow
Hey This is Aaron Warner. I have recently fallen in love with your Dart-N-Minnow bait. This is a fantastic bait and I have had a ton of catching small mouth bass. I liked it so much that included it in a fishing article I wrote recently titled the top 10 drop shot baits for small mouth bass and ranked it #2 on my all time list  Anyways I just wanted to thank you for making such a great bait and to keep up the good work! 

#2. Dart -n- Minnow (Cash Custom Lures)

After tough day chasing smallmouth bass in a local fishing tournament a buddy told me to buy the dart-n-minnow made by Cash Custom Lures. Ever since that day I make sure to always have one tied on and it never seems to disappoint.

The Flaming Gorge Special color is an absolute beast in the high mountain reservoirs where I primarily fish. The Dart-n-Minnow is great at imitating fry and small bait fish and is an absolute smallmouth catching machine. If you are looking for a new drop shot bait this is an excellent one to go out and try, you won’t be disappointed.

Favorite colors: Flaming Gorge Special, Watermelon Purple Goby and Smokin’ Shad

Favorite rig: Nose-hooked with a No.1 Gamakatsu G-Finesse Drop Shot Hook

You can find this bait at cashcustomlures.com

Aaron W
Thank you for the awesome baits. This four pound small mouth fell victim to your five inch diamondback worm in green pumpkin, during a federation qualifier on flaming gorge UT.
This fish got big fish and pushed me into second place for this tourney overall and first place as a non-boater for the year. Your product put big $ in my pocket.
Thanks again,
Jerry Frahm
On Saturday my Dad showed me some new baits he got off of you and one of them was the Flippin pig in black/blue I really liked the looks of it and decided to put it on my jig as a jig trailer the very 1st cast with it to a lay down log I got a 3.88lbs bass with it, I ended the day catching 10 bass with it and only one of those bass were under 2lbs with that bait I won my club tournament and wrapped up anger of the year with the win. Thanks for making such a great bait, I'll be ordering some from you very soon. Here's a pic of the bass and the bait I used.
Jim Lane
Newark, Delaware
Hello Cache Custom Lures,
 Two weeks ago I purchased your worms and your reapers. My brother found your product and he sent me an email. We travel to Canada three times a year to fish tournaments, so before our tournament last week I purchased some items. In three days we boated about 250 smallmouth and took first place in the tournament! Many anglers were asking what were your guys throwing? We couldn't believe the realism of the reapers, the iceberry, and the black green shimmer, and the peas & carrots were unbelieveable.
Thank you for you time too read my letter and I hope you are working on some more excellent colors.

Thank you for your time Chris Sullivan.

Chris Sullivan

Pt. Pleasant, N.J.
I have tried several of the so called hand pours and you have the best by far.  Caught fish on them last year on KY Lake when nothing else would get a bite.   I was throwing that peas and carrots color last your around isolated clumps of grass in about 7-8 ft of water...caught the heck out of them.  The guy in he back of the boat was throwing the same type of bait, but store bought in crawdad color.....he would get bit, but the fish would spit the bait before he could get a good hookset.  I thought it was just him, so I took his rod and the same results.  He took my rod with your bait, and he started catching fish as well.  Needless to say I got my rod back pretty quick!
Eric Harris,
Manitou, KY
Cache Custom Lures Review 
The search for quality lures often leaves the serious angler’s head spinning. Cache custom lures offers a wide variety of soft plastics that simply out fish the competition. The products are x-tra soft, contain x-tra salt, and x-tra scent. As well as amino acids that seem to “turn the fish on” when they just won’t bite other plastics. 

I recently took to testing a small variety of Cache Custom lures’ plastics, which would include the Diamond back worm, the X-treme paddle tail grub, the Thunder frog, and one of the companies newest products, the Brush Bug. Cache’s plastics are softer than the competition’s plastics which leads to a better hook-up ratio per strike, along with more action in the water. 

Thunder frog - This has got to be my favorite topwater frog of all time! The Thunder frog has large feet that have an unmatched thumping action on the retrieve, calling in the biggest bass in the area. They just can’t seem to leave this frog alone! A hook slot makes for less hang-ups, and I feel provides better hook-ups. Which as we all know is what counts. The plastic’s density allows the frog to float at rest for a couple seconds, and then the frog begins to sink, allowing you to pause over holes in the weeds, letting the frog sink slowly into the best big bass habitats. When the fish smash this lure, the frog moves up and out of the way of the hook set, which virtually guarantees a good hook-up. 

Brush Bug - If your looking for a super soft creature type bait, this is your lure! The lure has a ribbed body that provides subtle vibration, along with scent dispersion that the fish rarely pass up. I caught many bass on the Brush bug that at the same time would not bite a similar plastic from the competition. I had that scenario play out several times both on the local rivers, as well as the local lakes. The Brush bug has a scent dispersion like no other. I actually watched fish follow the bait and seemingly “taste” the scent trail before literally attacking the Brush bug. The Brush bug can also be used as a trailer on jigs. I simply cut part of the lure off, and threaded it onto a jig. It adds a realistic craw profile to jigs that the fish love! The Brush bug is also great for fliping or pitching instead of your normal pitching baits, such as a worm. 

Diamond back worm - This worm is excellent for drop shot rigging, as well as simply finesse fishing. You are only limited by your imagination on ways to rig this worm. I used and caught fish with this worm by drop shotting, shakey head, texas rigging, and carolina rigging. I also caught a couple while wacky rigging the Diamond back worm. This past winter, when the bite was tough at best, I caught a few on a weightless t-rigged Diamond back worm, when no other plastics worked! 

Cache Custom lures offers a great variety of soft plastic lures, along with jigs and jig heads that work best along with the companies’ plastics. The company is “home grown” which I believe translates into a better consistency, and higher quality control than the high production lines of the big name companies. The plastics are competitively priced allowing for the average angler to easily afford Cache’s line of lures. Which is something I look for in lures. If you want a great product for a great price, Cache Custom lures is the go-to company for plastic lures. I was definitely impressed with the products along with the great customer service. Next time your looking for a company that produces quality baits, contact Kent at Cache Custom lures. He nor his products will let you down. 

Andy Glenn, Park Holiday Park Bassbuster